Winter Filled with Colors of African Print Fashion

My first winter after moving to Canada was an eye-opener.  Even though I had been warned about the cold, experiencing how cold it could get, still came as a shock.  Coming from a region of the world where the coldest I ever experienced was 19C, a -25C cold weather makes you long for the tropics. 

cold person in snow

The onset of cold weather also meant a change in the type of clothes that one could wear out.  Coming from the tropics, I was used to a vibrant and colorful fashion style all year round. The weather there did not affect my choice of clothes. It took some getting used to, to see everyone donning the staid mostly black, grey winter jackets or sweatshirts. I wondered how everyone accepted this color pattern as the dress code for winter. 

I had grown up with the image of winter being composed of people merrily playing in the white snow but wearing vibrant colors and not caring about how cold the weather was. These pictures had been formed in my mind based on the picture books I had grown up reading.

kids play snow

Even though the reality was slightly different after I had moved to Canada, I still believed I could recreate the image of winter dressing based on my childhood imaginations and experience of fashion in Africa. 

I have always believed the way you dress says a lot about your personality and how you will like others to perceive you.  Dressing is more than just putting on clothes to protect us from the elements.  It is the way we first converse with strangers before we utter a word.  It is that vital first impression that speaks for us even before we begin to talk, sometimes, how we dress, is the only conversation we get to have with those around us.  And NOT EVEN WINTER should take our ability to self-express. 

At GraPearl, we have found that vibrant African print clothing can easily be incorporated into our day-to-day wardrobe choices to add color and vibrancy to our fashion style. Tights and boots are extremely easy accessories to ‘’up’’ the look which can easily be coordinated with an African print dress and skirt. The African print dress worn with a black jacket, tights, and boots is a consistent fashion Winner.

African Print Winter clothing


Another contemporary way of coordinating your African print clothing into your winter wardrobe is by wearing your African print winter scarf on a dress or outfit to give you that added spark.

African print Winter Scarf african print winter scarf purple

Fashion is evolving and GraPearl is leading on that front with our winter collection of African print trench jackets, African print map sweatshirts, bomber jackets, etc. these can be worn on absolutely any outfit to give you a modern trendy look that stands out in the Fall, Winter, and Spring.

African Print Bomber Jacket African Print Trench JacketAfrican Print Map Red Sweat Shirt

We have always been lovers of turtleneck tops during the winter season; imagine combining your black turtle neck top with Grapearl’s boss suite alongside an ankle heel boot; you would be “killing” it….

Turtle Neck African Print Sweatshirt


It’s a known fact that wearing colorful clothing during the winter season helps to boost mood, I would say that wearing African print clothing does not only help to improve your mood but also make you a proud fashion icon.

It's time to break away from the winter ‘’status quo’’ and embrace cool new fashion styles by incorporating African print into your winter dressing choices.