11 Dos and Don’ts with African Print Fashion

African print fashion is vibrant and colorful.  But there are a lot of common misconceptions surrounding it.  There are also assumptions that some have on how it should be worn, where it can be worn to, how to take care of it, and if it can be worn during the cold weather. 

Below is the authoritative guide 😊 on Dos and Don’t with African Print fashion Style. 


  • Do wear to the Office workplace 🏢, the assumption African print can only be worn for social activities is archaic and not true, African print fashion materials have been used in modern contemporary designs. 
  • Do wear to parties and other social events, and make sure to have fun!



  • Do follow the instructions on how to clean and care for your African print. This ensures you get to use it for a longer period. 
  • Do wear in cold weather, but ensure you have the appropriate coats to keep you warm if you are going outside. The notion that African print deteriorates in cold weather is untrue. 
  • Do feel sexy and beautiful wearing African print ✨ ✨. The natural vibrant colors of African print effortlessly complement and highlight the best features of the wearer. 
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The Don’ts are mainly some common-sense tips that are useful with most fabric types and styles.


  • Don’t allow yourself to get beat by the rain when wearing African print ⛈️(except it has been designed to be waterproof), you will get a cold.
  • Don’t wear mismatched colors, you will get the wrong attention and stares.🥺
  • Don’t wear oversized or undersized African print clothes, it does not make you look your best. It is always recommended to follow the sizing chart before ordering any clothes online.
  • Don’t get food stains on your African print, especially in a party. It might cause a blotch 😟.  Good news is African print fabrics can be washed easily by following the care instructions.
  • Don’t store your African print fabric in damp location 😟.  This will cause mold to grow on the fabric.