Nollywood Movies: Showcasing the Best of African Print Fashion

A lot of us enjoy watching movies, it’s a form of relaxation for us after a busy day or week. I have always been a fan of movies- all kinds of movies from all around the world. As a young girl growing up in Nigeria, Nollywood movies were (and are still) one of my favorite relaxation pastimes.

 Like most things in life, Nollywood movies have evolved over the years with more relatable and contemporary movies and well thought out storylines. Of interest to me - because of my passion for fashion -  is the evolution of costumes used in Nollywood movies. Because most of the stories in Nollywood movies are set in Nigeria or Africa, there is a proliferation of African fashion in the movies to excite the visual senses.  

African Print PhotoshootAfrican Print Photoshoot 1

In the same way that African fashion has evolved from what I grew up with to the more contemporary and trendy styles seen across cities around the world (not only in Africa), Nollywood has also caught the flame; their well thought out costumes and fashion choices has made watching Nollywood movies more enjoyable. Nollywood now uses costumes as a way to accentuate character development and define scenes and create moods. 

A series that does this remarkably well is ‘’The Governor’’. The series tells the story of a young woman trying to change corrupt politics in Nigeria by restoring honesty and truth to the office of the Governor and bringing dignity to the office. The Series stars Caroline Chikezie playing the part of main protagonist Angela Ocehllo, who has to face different challenges, overcome hurdles, and forge a path forward even when confronting insurmountable obstacles. 

The storytelling in the movie is concise and well-paced. Different characters are introduced and play their part in either supporting or hindering the main protagonist in the fulfillment of her objectives.  The costume choices – almost all of it African themed fashion- worn by the lead character played their part in complementing the narrative being told in each of the individual scenes. 

For example, In episode 2 of the Series, Angela Ocehllo wore a blue fitted dress with a white collar for a scene in which she has to persuade several other characters in a formal work environment.

Osas African Print Fitted Dress Koko African Print Fitted Dress

That dress was our inspiration for our Osas and Koko African print dress. The dress is absolutely suited for any kind of work environment. And as in the movie, it shows that modern African fashion can be used in formal settings and is no longer constrained to informal outings like weddings and church outings.

Episode 3 also shows how a dress lightens the mood of the tale being told. The Governor wore a long flowing Maxi dress with soft colors in a scene where her emotions were prominent,

 Maxi Dress African Print



I was quite impressed with this scene, fashion-wise.  The dress shows the main reason why more and more people love African print; it can be easily styled with your favorite accessory to create that unique look.

The scene where the Governor was sitting at the head of the table chairing an executive meeting wearing a well-tailored kente blouse made me smile. I knew it was just a movie but it made me reflect on the current trend in Africa of more women now moving away from their traditional roles of Homemakers towards leadership roles in the boardroom. 

African Print Power Suite

The Governor is an interesting series proving that good will always triumph over evil but the more interesting aspect of the ‘’ Governor ‘’ in my view is how African print fashion is interwoven into different facets of the life of the lead character to tell a tale that is engrossing and motivating.