The Color of Summer

I previously wrote about the of color of winter, see the link to the article here. So, you might guess I have a thing for colors. And you would be right.   

For me summer is different, it is the season I am more familiar with coming from the tropics where it is summer all year round. I used to take summer for granted when I lived in Africa.  No more!  I have come to appreciate the warmth that comes from the strong presence of the sun.  I have come to look forward to the days of people dressing without caring for the weather.  I have come to enjoy taking a walk in the park with my kids without having to first, get them to dress in bulky winter clothes -  😊. 


I have also imbibed some of what is more prominent in my new home in Canada. Summer is the time where you dress with fewer restrictions.  Shorts and skirts are definitely in season in the summer.  I like the standard shorts I see my colleagues and neighbor’s wear.  But coming from a continent where things are naturally bright and vibrant, the color of summer is shorts made from classic African print wax colors of bright, vivid, and Sharp multifaceted colors.



Because summer is hot, wearing clothes that allow for air to flow easily to reduce perspiration is a must. The sight that makes me know that summer has arrived is seeing everyone dressed in short sleeves or sleeveless clothes in outdoor settings. A crowd of bare-armed people colorfully and gayfully dressed, strolling without a care in the world, like what we get during the Calgary Stampede Festival ( plan to attend one of these if you have not previously done so, you will not regret it)  recreates the crowd I grew up watching that were gathered for special events or ceremonies in Africa. 


Better than the sight of people dressed beautifully and freely in summer, is the sound of summer.  It is the sound of people conversing and talking about everyday things.  It is the sound of children playing happily in the park without a care in the world.  It is the sound of youngsters having fun with their friends while walking on the street.  It is the sound heard less during the colder months in winter. Combined together, the sights and sounds of summer have become special for me as they bring back memories of my childhood in Africa.