5 Tips for Men to Dress Casual with African print Shirts for the Summer…..

I have had male customers ask me about styling tips and style choices regarding African print clothes. They point out that compared to the selection of women’s clothing available, it seems like there are extremely limited creative options when it comes to men’s wear. Especially men's casual wear. 

Summer in most of Canada and the US is one of the few times you are not limited in your choices on what to wear by the weather. 

In other not to let a good opportunity go to waste, take advantage of these 5 tips to look your best, present your best self, become the center of attention, get those envious glances. You get the idea! 😊. 

  1. Colors, Colors, Colors:

Look in the mirror to make sure the color of the shirt matches the color of the pants/trousers.  If you are unsure, you always have the choice of going with black pants.  They almost always go with any color of shirts. 

  1. Know the Scene:

If you will be dressing for the night, or for a place that will be mostly dark like a club. it is best to avoid dark colors as they will not be easily seen at night.  You want to be able to flaunt your new look, so go with bright colors

  1. Two complements


If you are going out with your partner,  you can take advantage of the natural complementing colors of African print to get heads turning when eyes are set upon a couple that is beautifully attired in  African print clothes. 

  1. No Peeping toms:

The undergarments, like singlets, T-shirts, or undershirts should stay hidden. Showing these is NO NO and should be avoided. 


  1. Accessories matter:

Accessories such as belts, watches, scarves (for winter), and shoes also bring out your look. Pay important attention to them, avoid having any of these accessories in colors that distract from the exquisiteness of the summer shirt

There are quite a lot of possibilities for men to switch up their looks if they are willing to explore different and more diverse fashion styles.