Mother's Day 2021 - Treat Your Mother Like an African Queen!

Mark your calendars, Mother’s Day is almost here! After an especially hard year, it’s more important than ever to celebrate the maternal figures in our lives and recognize all of the support that they provide us with. Whether it’s your mother, wife, sister, or friend, be sure to let the mother in your life know that you appreciate everything they do. Why not show your gratitude with clothing as beautiful as the woman in your life?

GraPearl has you covered with clothing options that are fit for a queen. You are encouraged to explore our featured collection where you will find an assortment of options, but we’ve detailed some of our favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas to help you choose the best gift for your mother this year!

For the Working Mom - African Print Boss Suit

 African Print Boss Suit African Print Boss Suit and Pants


Mothers are superwomen who often have to juggle full-time work as well as being a full-time mother. If you know a mother who is a boss, you want to make sure that she looks like one!

We have African Print Boss suits perfect for a working mom who likes to make a statement in the office. Choose from our Efe Print African Boss Suit or Esohe African Print Boss Suit to  make the working mom in your life show everyone who’s boss! These suits pair well with a nice heel, and each piece of the suit could also be worn separately, making this an easy look to mix and match.

If you think that she would prefer a dress suit for the office, our Iyobo African Print Dress Suit will give her the perfect look!

For Mom’s Night Out - African Print Fitted Dress or Jumpsuit

African Print Summer Dress African Print Jump Suit

Mom’s so hard, but unfortunately, they rarely have time for themselves because a mother’s job is never done. The mother in your life deserves a break. A great Mother’s Day gift is to volunteer to take care of the little ones while she enjoys a night out with her girlfriends. However, you will want to make sure that she has the perfect outfit for the occasion!

We have a large collection of dresses and jumpsuits for you to choose from to help you find the perfect outfit for the mother in your life to enjoy her night out. Choose our Ivie African Fitted Dress for an elegant yet look. If she wants something a little more bold and fun, try our Uyi African Print Jumpsuit that will be sure to make her the life of the party!

For Date Night With Mom - African Print Maxi Dress

African print Maxi Dress African Print Blue Maxi Dress

This one is especially for you hubbies: don’t forget to give your wife the attention that she deserves! The romance does not disappear after you have kids, and date nights are a great way to give your both some time to yourselves and maintain that spark in your relationship.

This Mother’s Day, treat your wife to a special night out, but you must also make sure that she looks like a queen as she walks by your side. Our African print maxi dresses are bold, and made to have every woman feel like a queen.

The beautiful red with the contrast on yellow of our MIMI African Print Maxi Dress will have all eyes on your beautiful wife. This sleeveless, high-neck dress will have her feeling sexy and confident. Our Tega African Print Maxi Dress is vibrantly stunning, with a blue and purple pattern that will be sure to draw attention and admiration.

For the Stay-at-Home Mom - Headwraps and Bonnets

African Print HeadwrapAfrican Print Bonnet

Stay-at-home moms are so important. They often make the sacrifice of dedicating the majority of their time to ensuring that they raise happy, healthy children. It’s important to show these women how much their time and dedication is appreciated.

If you know a stay-at-home mom, think of getting them something that is comfortable and functional. Many women struggle to find time to prioritize their hair, especially mothers, so consider giving her a bonnet or headwrap to help her protect her beautiful locks and make styling quick and easy.

Our African Print Eki Bonnet will help her hair retain moisture and prevent frizz, as well as protect any style that is underneath the bonnet. For a quick hairstyle, our Bosede Pre-made Headwrap is incredibly simple to put on, and will instantly add sophistication to any outfit.

It can sometimes slip our minds to show our appreciation to the mothers in our lives, but Mother’s Day is the perfect time to give these beautiful women with the love and attention that they deserve. If you want to treat your Mother like an African Queen this Mother’s Day, be sure to order your Mother’s Day gifts from GraPearl. Get up to 30% off with our Mother’s Day special offer until May 14!