5 Celebrities Wearing African Print and How You Can Recreate Their Look!

In recent years, African-inspired fashion has made its way from Nollywood to Hollywood. There are a number of reasons for the increased popularity of African fashion in celebrities--from the widespread success of Black Panther to the rising popularity of Afrobeat artists. Whatever the reason, African fashion is in demand.

If you want to know what type of African fashions are trending, it’s best to look to the continent itself. However, many celebrities have been seen wearing African print as both fashion statements and a celebration of African culture.

Keep reading to learn about 5 celebrities who have worn African print, and how you can recreate their looks with items from Grapearl!

Rihanna - Fitted Dress

Photo: Afro Cosmopolitan 

 Rihanna is now a renowned fashion icon who has been influencing the world of fashion for years. So when Rihanna sported this African print dress, it had everyone talking and wondering about the look. The mix of prints in this dress compliment each other, and the attached dress shirt with the collar poking out completes the look. Like anything else Rihanna wears, this dress suits her well, and we hope to see her in more African-inspired fashion in the future!

We carry several fitted dresses in beautiful prints that can help you recreate this look, and we even have some that include the collar! Check out our Koko African Print Fitted Dress to recreate Rihanna’s elegant and bold look.

Alicia Keys - Headwraps

Photo: Daily Herald

Alicia Keys has been rocking the minimalistic no-makeup look for years, but that hasn’t stopped her from being creative with her fashion. The R&B singer may not paint her face, but she continues to be bold and colorful in her choice of outfits and accessories. She regularly compliments her natural beauty with intriguing headwraps, many of which feature African prints.

Photo: The Image Direct

She can often be seen mixing her colorful African-inspired headwraps and bands with other bright colors and patterns, turning her look into a bold statement.

Luckily, we carry head wraps and turban bands similar to the ones Alicia Keys wears. Check out our Kemi Turban Headband to add a bold statement to your outfits.

Angela Bassett - Dress Suit

Photo: Elle Magazine

Angela Bassett has worn beautiful African print suits that reflect her mature yet fierce personality. Most notable are the suits she wore while promoting the film Black Panther in 2018. Her colorfully bold dress suits give her an air of masculine energy while flattering her feminine figure, causing her to exude confidence as she wears them.

If you love this look on Angela Bassett, we have several suits to choose from in our collection that can help you achieve the same level of authoritative confidence. Although you may not be attending red carpets, these suits are great for work, special occasions, or whenever you will be in a room of powerful people and want your voice to be heard. Because it is a two-piece suit, you can even wear each piece on its own to get creative and mix-and-match with other pieces. With an outfit like this, your colleagues are sure to want to listen to what you have to say!

Check out our Esohe African Print Boss Suit so that you can show everyone who’s boss. 

Gabourey Sidibe - Maxi Dress

Photo: @gabby3shabby/Instagram

Who doesn’t love a long maxi dress that flows all the way down your body, hugging everyone of your curves? Gabourey Sidibe definitely does! The Precious actress has been seen wearing African print a few times, but she seems to have a special love for maxi dresses, and we can’t blame her!

 Summer will be here before we know it, so Gabourey’s looks are a great reminder of the type of fashion we have to look forward to in the summer months! If you want to recreate her African print maxi dress look, we have a variety of maxi dresses that will have you flowing and feeling like a goddess. They’re perfect for all body shapes and pair perfectly with a high heel.

Check out our JITE African Print Maxi Dress for a breathtaking look.

 Beyonce - Everything

Photo: All Things Ankara

How can we talk about celebrities who wear African print and not mention Beyonce? The singer has been sporting African-inspired looks since the beginning of her career, but her love of African print has been especially apparent in the last few years. Her visual album, Black Is King was basically an African fashion show, and she can be seen wearing African print everywhere from special events to her Instagram. She even had an African-themed push party when she was pregnant with her twins!

Beyonce has worn everything from dresses to headwraps in African print. She’s also a clear fan of jackets, as well as mixing and matching prints.


Photo: @beyonce/Instagram


 No matter which one of Beyonce’s looks that you want to recreate, we’ve got you covered! Keep up with all of our new arrivals to never miss the newest looks featuring