Fall Activities to Try This Year

It’s the time of year when the weather’s a little cooler and everything gets a little spookier.

When you think fall, you think warm cinnamon, colorful leaves, and what your Halloween costume will be this year. However, Thanksgiving and Halloween aren’t the only two events to look forward to in the fall. There are a number of other fall activities that you can do to make the most of the season.

Here are 5 fall activities that you can try this year to make this season the most eventful one yet.

Go apple picking

This is a favorite activity of many fall enthusiasts, and it’s easy to see why. Nothing’s better than a slice of homemade warm apple pie, but it tastes even better knowing that you picked the apples yourself that morning.

Head to your local orchard to pick a bushel of apples this season that you can use to bake pies, make warm apple cider, or eat as a snack on their own!

Shop at the farmer’s market

Apples aren’t the only produce that reach their peak in the fall. The fall is a bountiful season with a number of fruits and vegetables ready to be harvested.

Other produce in season include:

  • Squash
  • Pears
  • Cranberries
  • Sweet potato

The best place to shop for these produce is at the farmer’s market. Not only are they the freshest, but you’ll also be supporting local producers, making this a rewarding fall activity.

See the leaves change color on a hike

Fall is arguably one of the prettiest seasons, and what better way to witness that than going out into nature?

Hiking is a simple fall activity, but a wonderful way to watch the seasons change firsthand. Bring some friends, your kids, or even your dog to trek through the colorful falling leaves and observe the beauty of fall.

You don’t have to drive far to enjoy nature’s changes. A walk around your neighborhood is still sure to be an experience that will show you the beauty of the season.

Go on a wine tour

For vineyards, fall is usually “crush season,” meaning it's the time where they pick and crush the grapes and start preparing them for wine. This is the best time to go for a wine tasting.

During this time, you’ll have the opportunity to visit while your favorite wines are being made. Not only will you be able to try the large quantities of wines they have at this time, but you might also get a lesson on the production of wine and their different sweetness levels. Don’t forget to take a few bottles home with you for the rest of the season!

Enjoy a fall campfire

Whether you’re camping or chilling in your backyard, campfire nights are the perfect fall activity to do with friends and family.

The warm days and cool nights make the fall the best time to have a campfire. You can make smores for the kids, or you can cook up your favorite comfort foods over the fire.

If you aren’t a camper and don’t have a backyard, there are a number of farms that host campfire nights open to the public. All you have to do is bring your marshmallows!

Make sure that you are dressed well while enjoying your favorite fall activities. Check out Grapearl’s new arrivals to find your new fall outfit!