A guide to planning your outfits over the whole Year

Happy New Year!  The Start of the new of year is typically associated with a lot of people making new year resolutions that help them achieve what they deem an important objective at the start of the Year.  As sincere and heartfelt as most new year resolutions are, the vast majority of people typically give up on the new year resolutions even before the end of January 😊. 

But if one of your resolutions in this new year is to change your attire and wardrobe (including changing the looks to one based on the African Print theme), then the following points below will help in achieving this:

1.    Start small: Starting small means, even though you have a big objective to achieve, it is better to take small steps towards achieving the goals.  With the overall plan of changing the way you dress, you can start small by wearing the new clothes indoors, African print sweatshirts or African print Bomber jackets are a great way to begin your new look. Apart from wearing them indoors, you can wear them for the casual stroll down the street. 



2. Build up consistency: after the start, one of the best ways to build up the habit of keeping the African theme look is to wear these types of clothes as often as possible, it could be wearing the African Jogger Sweatshirts and Jogger pants to go for a jog, wearing an African skirt and top when hanging out with girls, or the athleisure tracksuits when going to the beach, the choices are endless.

3. Factor in the weather: if you live in North America (like me), you have to think and plan ahead for the different clothes for the different seasons. I live in western Canada, and the summers can be unbearably hot and the winters, very cold.  It pays to have different choices of clothes for the different seasons you will encounter.  For example, have different African print blouses/tops, pants, and skirts for the warm months of the summer to allow your skin breathe. For winter, autumn, and spring months an African print sweatshirt is a must-have.   You can also consider African print Maxi Dresses as your evening wear to go for outings and parties in the cold months.    


4.Plan ahead: one of the best ways to plan ahead for your outfits is having a way to remind yourself what to wear to showcase your looks. It can be as simple as marking a calendar for a party you will attend with the clothes you want/or would like to wear for the party.  It might also mean, you might need to order clothes ahead of time to ensure they arrive in time for the event so that you can WOW everyone.  And it will not always require getting new clothes,  when you plan ahead using a calendar tool,  you can have a plan to use existing clothes for the various functions you will attend.