Beat the Heat: How to Stay Cool This Summer

Summers seem to be getting hotter every year, making it more and more difficult to stay cool, especially if you don’t have A/C. If you find yourself unable to escape the persistent summer heat, don’t worry. There are a few ways that can help lower the temperature on your thermostat and your own temperature.

Keep reading to learn how to stay cool this summer so that you can enjoy the longer days!

1. Stay Hydrated

This should go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway. The most important thing to do during a heatwave is to stay hydrated! High heat means you sweat a lot, and sweating a lot means that your body is losing fluids.

It’s important to replace those fluids to prevent dehydration and further health problems. Make sure that you are constantly drinking water, even if you don’t feel thirsty. It may not feel like you’re beating the heat just from drinking water, but your body will definitely feel the difference.

2. Head to the Water

During a heatwave, water is your friend, and not just for drinking. One of the most common things you can do to stay cool in a heatwave is to take more showers, but there are a lot more fun things that you can do as well.

A hot day is the perfect time to bring your kids to the waterpark or have a day at the beach. Not only is it usually cooler near the water, it can be a fun day trip!

Some activities that you can do in or near the water include:

  • Picnic at the beach
  • Kayaking or canoeing
  • Swim in an indoor or outdoor pool
  • Go for a dip in the ocean/lake

Don’t forget to bring a sun umbrella!

3. Treat Yourself

You’re suffering enough in the heat, why not take the time to treat yourself to something sweet? A hot summer day is a great time to bring the kids to get some freezies or go on a date to your favorite ice cream shop.

Cold, sweet treats such as ice cream, iced teas, or slushies are one of the best parts of summer. Not only are they delicious, but they’re a great way to stay cool on a hot summer day.

If you want something cold and sweet, but aren’t willing to sacrifice your diet, a good tip is to pop some of your favorite fruits into the freezer for a healthy frozen snack.

Make sure to take advantage of the hot weather and visit your local ice cream shops to see what’s new!

4. DIY A/C

The only thing worse than a heatwave is a heatwave and no A/C. When it always feels like a sauna in your house, you’re willing to find any excuse not to be home.

If you don’t have an A/C, don’t worry. There are still a few ways that you can stay cool while at home. If your place gets a lot of sunlight, consider blocking it out with blackout curtains or blinds.

When it's cooler at night or in the early morning, be sure to keep as many of your windows open as possible to circulate the outdoor air into your house. Put a fan in front of the window so that it may pull the cool air in.

If you want to upgrade your fan, try this trick: place a shallow bowl of ice in front of your fan. This becomes a DIY A/C, as the fan blows the evaporating cold air around the room. It may not be as effective as an HVAC unit, but it is a great option for some temporary relief from the heat!

5. Go See a Movie

If you really can’t stand being in your house because of the heat, there’s no shame in seeking refuge from the heat somewhere else. A heatwave may be a good time to visit those friends who have a working A/C.

There are many other indoor spaces that you can go to if you seek A/C. Movie theatres are a classic option to escape the heat for two hours while being entertained. It’s the perfect time to go see that summer blockbuster.

Here are some other places you can go to beat the heat:

  • Window shop at the mall
  • Read in the library
  • See the newest exhibition at the museum
  • Go grocery shopping

A heatwave is never fun, but there are plenty of ways that you can stay cool and still enjoy your summer. Who knows, you might be missing the heat when winter comes back around!

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