The story behind GraPearl

I am a working mum with three beautiful children living in Canada. I was dressing for work and I wanted to wear something different that day. So, I picked my African print dress to wear. My daughter looked at me and asked, "mommy is there a cultural day in your office?" I was surprised at the question and I asked her why she asked, and she responded, "because you are wearing what you usually wear to church".

I was convinced that a lot of other people feel  that African print is only meant to be worn to church, parties or weekend. So I decided to incorporate my African clothing in my everyday clothes that I wore to the office.

My colleagues at work really liked my new fashion style. I got several compliments and questions about Africa, the food, the clothes, etc. it brought a different sense of pride and awareness and I decided to start a brand that helps people who want to include African fashion into their everyday work clothes but do not know how to go about doing this. That is how GraPearl was birthed. The name GraPearl, was formed out of the name of my two beautiful daughters, Grace and Pearl.

Brand mission and goal.

Our mission is to make the African fashion style a clothing essential in all spheres of everyday life.

Our goal is to use 100% African print wax to create beautiful ready to wear fashion statement pieces and also to give back to the African community by helping to create jobs.

Our collections comprise of dresses, jackets, pants, kimonos, jumpsuits, tops, skirts, sweatshirts, head wraps, scarfs, hair bonnets etc.

Why is our brand special?

 We use original 100%  African print wax, Ankara, Kente, Adire etc to create our collections. Our collections are made mainly in Africa thereby giving back to the African economy and showcasing the African heritage.

All our collection are 100% cotton that can be recycled thereby reducing pollution and wastage especially in Africa.

We promise to deliver on quality by using100% African Print fabric to produce our collections and to have handmade finished clothes proudly made in Africa.

The face behind the brand

My name is Eseosa Abaku, I was born and bred in Nigeria, West Africa, but currently reside in Canada. I am a mother of three beautiful children and a wife to a very handsome and  caring dude. I have always loved the African fashion style and especially the African wedding attire. I am a big believer in promoting our African heritage.

We thank you for your support and in joining us on this ride to showcase our African fashion, bringing the African fashion style to the forefront, and giving back to the African Economy.